Course Correct™ Coaching Program

Exclusively for Moms Ready to Re-Connect with the Woman Within and Live Happily with Ease, Balance & Clarity

What is the Course-Correct™ Coaching Program?

What is the Course-Correct™ Coaching Program?

It’s a 6-month 1:1 coaching program focused on your personal growth and transformation. In just 1 hour weekly, it has the power to change everything.

Are you ready to take control of your life once and for all?

Who is it for?

This 1:1 Private Coaching Program is for moms seeking an unshakeable connection with themselves and to master their mindset, so they can be confident in their power to embrace anything life brings with ease, balance and clarity.

How does it work?

Crystal will share the results of your Comprehensive Coaching Assessment and co-create with you a detailed roadmap with actionable steps easily applied to real life.

Over 6 months, you’ll meet with Crystal 18 sessions, either in office or via Zoom, where you’ll learn proven strategies, report on progress, and receive your next customized support from Crystal.

You’ll have access to email support with Crystal for help implementing your strategies in between sessions. During the non-coaching weeks, you’ll receive powerful Access & Accelerate Personal Growth Assignments that will help you take a massive leap in the direction you desire.

These assignments are crafted specifically to your goals and where you are in your coaching journey. Crystal will personally review these with you and email expert feedback that will help you leap further in growth and transformation.

Plus, you receive (3) bonus pop-up coaching sessions available to use as things “pop-up” to offer you unparalleled support in the process.

What do all my clients have in common?

My client is an incredible woman who feels stuck in the endless chatter that she just isn’t enough.

Behind her smile, she is crumbling from the weight of negative thoughts, perpetual comparison to others, and worry that she will never feel truly fulfilled. She feels like she’s lost herself.

This overwhelm from losing contact with her true self has spiraled unfulfillment in her relationships. Happiness is based on externals and inner peace feels unattainable. After years of settling for “this is just the way it is”…now, not one day more. She knows exactly what she wants in her life.

The missing piece?

The support and the steps to get there!

Imagine if you could…

Press reset and have the life you dream about start unfolding.

Turn off a lifetime of negative thinking. Have someone who has already done it remove the blind spots for you, eliminate the guesswork ahead of you, walk the journey with you, support you and encourage you each step of the way.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? What if you could allow all the calmness, confidence, clarity and balance that’s been lying dormant within you, to rise up?

What would life look like operating from your truth that everything you desire is already a place inside?

And that it really is possible to reconnect with your highest potential and get back to joyful you, maybe even for the first time. The path to loving your life again is right in front of you. I can help you clear the way.

imagine if you could....

But, here’s the problem…

It’s hard to change your life on your own. You can’t change anything from the same level of thought used to create it.

Your mindset needs to shift. And microwave (quick fix) mindsets aren’t going to do it. What will? Deep inner work that transforms you at a soul-ular and cellular level, back to your true self. Without this level of healing, you may mistake your lack of connection with your true self AS your true self (i.e., I’ve always been a worrier, it’s who I am).

And every single time you will attract what you expect. You see, the conditioned “stuck” mind can only create another version of the conditioned mind. And 98% of today’s thoughts are simply a carbon copy of the past.

The real solution? Releasing the emotions, grievances and grudges keeping you stuck here so you can create new mindsets that allow you to live at the level of the solution.

When we stop struggling against certain emotions, we stop being defined by them. You don’t heal what you don’t feel. And what we don’t heal will continue to show up.

Well, the truth is…

What shows up is available and ready for healing. It’s time.

Your true state is one of inner peace, confidence, power and clarity.

You don’t search for these, you are made of these. You reconnect with them. When you do, the echoes of negative thoughts and weight of limiting stories dissipate. What appears?

A story that’s more congruent with the life you aspire to live-the life that’s really in you.

You don’t need a picture-perfect background

And the great news is…

You don’t need a picture-perfect background to create the picture-perfect life you have in your mind. Some may think, “I’ve always been this way. It’ll never change.”

Yes, our temperament at birth was a byproduct of in utero and early childhood experiences.

But we can create a new one. One that truly serves you. The fact of the matter is, when you create the right inner conditions, the great purpose for which you were born must emerge. And the best part?

You don’t have to chase it; I’ll show you step by step how to change your energy to draw it to you.

The Powerful Program for Resetting Your Life

Over 6 months, I will help you through 8 areas of self & emotional mastery as I help you reset & transform your life.


Connection with Your True Self & Highest Potential

Unshakeable Self-Love & Worthiness

Emotional Balance & Life Clarity

Unconditional Inner Peace & Complete Certainty

Limitless Happiness & Joy

Mindset Transformation

Relationship Mastery

Radical Acceptance & Forgiveness

Are you ready to truly transform your life?

The entire focus is on helping you bring out the best version of yourself in the simplest, easiest, most powerful way so you can do it even while juggling life, family and career. You need just 1 hour per week.

I Will Be With You Every Step of the Way...

1:1 Meetings

We will meet 1:1 for 50-minutes, either in office or via Zoom weekly; a total of 18 times over the next 6 months. During the meetings, we will laser focus on one area and you will take one powerful action step with you to apply during the week.

Personal Assessment by Crystal

Your coaching assessment is designed specifically to identify the thought and behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck. I will reveal exactly what these are to you and co-create a roadmap with you on how to press reset on your life & live your best life, once and for all.

Access & Accelerate Personal Growth Assignments

Each month during our non-coaching week, I will email you a transformational exercise + helpful video that is simple & powerful. This written exercise will allow you to activate everything you learned during our former 3 coaching sessions. Once completed, you will submit to me via email and I will personally review your exercise and provide thorough & powerful feedback to you to gain even more massive value and “aha” moments during your transformational journey.

Unlimited Email Support & Check-In

We will also talk over email to help you implement your action step between sessions.

Bonus Pop-Up Coaching Sessions
Things can arise unexpectedly and you may want to jump on a call with me to get brief laser-focused Coaching between sessions. You have (3) 20-minute pop-up Coaching sessions that are available to you throughout the 6-month program.

You Will Now Be Able To...

Create a resilient mindset where thoughts are focused & positive
I will show you how to reprogram any mindset into one that will serve you.

Be in control of your emotions
Coaching sessions will provide you with the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual tools needed to gain emotional mastery.

Flow through challenging circumstances with ease and balance

You will learn exactly how to leverage difficult or unexpected circumstances to help
you grow exponentially in your life. Instead of taking 3 steps back, you will take 10 steps forward.

Meet the past with compassion, the present with clarity, and the future with certainty
Our work together will help you let go of regrets, grievances and grudges so you can see life with a fresh set of eyes and create exactly what you want.

Fulfill multiple life roles without losing yourself
The exercises you will learn in this program will give you back an unshakeable connection with yourself that is no longer up for grabs from people or circumstances around you.

Become living demonstration of a greater possibility for your children or grandchildren 
Whether they are young or adults, they are watching and mirroring you. By changing your life and overcoming though/behavioral patterns that have been passed down through generations, you are setting the generations that come after, free of them.

Live the life you truly want
We don’t live once, we die once…we get to live every day. Through listening to your intuition, mastering soulful self-connection and consciously creating your mindset, you can live your best life every day.

During the Course Correct™ Coaching Program, I give you a safe space to open up freely and meet you with compassion and unconditional support.

Because I work with a limited number of clients at a time, you get my full focus and priority.

I will give you the best tools that I have mastered over the last 13+ years so you can transform your entire life in just 6 months.

“To truly transform your life, insight is not enough — Because you can’t see the full picture when you’re inside the frame. That’s why you need the support and expertise from someone who can.”

The Course Correct™ Program is Perfect for You If ....

You feel overwhelmed & stuck in a rut

You’re in a constant whirlwind of to-do’s and feel like there’s just not enough time in the day for them…or for, well…you. You have a glimpse of the life you truly want to live and are ready to do what it takes to make it your new normal.

You feel “not enough” and worried that you’re failing in 1 or more areas of life

Your thoughts are critical, scattered and negative and want nothing more than focus, simplicity, and to get your confident-self back a (or experience it for the 1st time).

You don’t feel truly happy in the moment

You are continuously searching for the next thing, the next person, or the next goal to bring you happiness. And it never works. You are ready to stop needing “reasons” to be happy and instead create true happiness in the moment.

Your emotions get the best of you 

You get worked up over the small stuff and are ready to stop fighting what you can’t control and instead start flowing with it.

You want to live a happy life with ease, balance and clarity
You’re ready to make it happen, but need the plan & support that gets you there

Are you ready to truly transform your life?

The entire focus is on helping you bring out the best version of yourself in the simplest, easiest, most powerful way so you can do it even while juggling life, family and career. You need just 1 hour per week.