About Crystal

Crystal V. Pizarro is an International Life Coach for Moms, helping moms to reconnect with the woman within & master their mindset so they can confidently embrace anything life brings with ease, balance and clarity.

In her 13 years of expertise, she has had the joy of teaching women from various backgrounds, upbringings, and life stages the skills to transform their lives, regardless of their starting point.

Because of the profound growth her clients experience, she has had the pleasure of also training other practitioners.

Her love of people, deep compassion derived from her own life experiences and tremendous depth of expertise continues to inspire moms to course correct back to their best selves.


"My mission is to help you course-correct back to your true self so you can live happily with ease, balance and clarity. It doesn’t matter what upbringing you had or your current stance. Your default future isn’t your only option. You have the power to rewrite it. Let me show you how."


Masters in Applied Psychology & Mental Health Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor

National Certified Counselor

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Reiki III Certified

Her love of people, deep compassion derived from her own life experiences and tremendous depth of expertise continues to inspire moms to course correct back to their best selves.

Crystal's Story

“I could have been another statistic. Perpetuated the generational patterns. Instead I said, “This stops with me” and began creating the conditions for my best life to unfold. And it did. And it can for you too.”

When I was growing up I experienced depression and anxiety as a child and teenager. Although this was very challenging it led to my passion for writing. I quickly learned that if I could type it, I could tap into it. And so I did. And what birthed was something incredible; a work of art. I gained clarity about my gifts, my talents…and my purpose: I wanted to help others. I knew everything I needed was on the other side of my comfort zone. I didn’t change who I was in order to do what I was meant to do. I became more of myself.

And you know what? As soon as I de-cluttered the self-limiting beliefs and released the security blanket of playing it small, everything started falling into place. I had more energy, I was excited to get up in the morning.

I set goals that others said were too high. And I didn’t just reach them, I surpassed them.

“I rose my soul so high, they could no longer reach me”

“What resulted was a confidence based upon my very existence, not externals”

And then in 2014, life showed me where my work was.

My daughter lived her first 2 months in the NICU. Every day was uncertain as to her health.

I had 2 choices: To become bitter…or better. I could have either stuffed my feelings or used this as an impetus to heal & at a cellular and soul-ular level.

I used pain as an entry point to welcome light and healing in. I became even more grounded in myself as a woman and what rose up was a confidence based upon my very existence, not externals.

I decided that this was not happening to me, it was happening for me. Not for my comfort, rather for my spiritual awakening.

Any time I noticed the ego asking, “why me”?

My heart whispered, “because my daughter chose me” and I quickly met my pain with compassion and was immediately consumed with love and gratitude that this precious being chose me to witness this journey with her.

“And then I, the teacher, became the student”

I knew intuitively life was mirroring to me the needs of the incredible women I am meant to serve…and that I first, had to go through the training. I leaned into it. I learned from it. I, the teacher, became the student. I wrote, wrote and wrote.

At first, I was only seeing what I believed was possible-so I raised my beliefs and rose into them. Everything that was familiar became foreign and what was foreign I befriended.

Through my NICU experience, what I no longer needed was stripped away (what the ego wants us to cling to) and what was left was another beautiful layer of my true self.

“Thoughts of ‘I feel like I’m losing myself’ rushed up”

Everything that was in the background became my forefront-old insecurities and fears. Everything I sought comfort in became irrelevant-all that felt real was inside the 4 white walls of the NICU.

The things farthest from my comfort zone…became it “What-if’s”, “Why’s” poured in. Thoughts of “I feel like I am losing myself” came rushing up.

And I welcomed it all. These thoughts were simply passing through my awareness as my comfort zone was being left behind. I intuitively knew the fear of losing what I knew myself as (identifiers) was never the real me.

All I was losing was a comfortable way of seeing things.

As I surrendered and embraced it with open arms and a conscious posture of acceptance, I gained so much more. I trusted the process. Yes, I lost some identifiers, but I gained my essence.

“Putting my life on hold wasn’t an option”

The fact that I could observe the physical pain and the thoughts…was evidence that there was something bigger than the body, larger than the mind, more powerful than the pain…me.

I embraced it. I co-existed.

I allowed it to sit with me while I did what I loved.

I did not put my life on hold, it wasn’t an option. There is certainly peace in the pause, but there is also power in it. I never criticized myself for the pause. More answers are found in silence.

So I paused and listened. And did the steps I now teach all my clients.

“Now, I continue to have an unshakeable connection with my worth and a self-love that’ s impermeable and unconditional”

My pregnancy showed me where my work was. The birth of my daughter was a re-birth of my true, raw and radiant self. I get to lead an amazingly fulfilling life with my family.

I lean into, learn from, and become an even more incredible leader from the detours of life.

I have stopped the generational patterns of seeking security in what is no longer serving.

I have an unshakeable connection with my worth and a self-love that’s impermeable and unconditional.

I went from having trouble learning in school to achieving top 1% of the country for Psychology and Counseling & transformed anxiety and depression in my earlier years into my passion and purpose for empowering others.

And I have embraced the detours of life to become even more grounded in the leader life is calling me to be.

I don’t say this to impress you, rather to impress upon you that once you decide, align and do the transformational inner work, everything is possible.

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