Technique for Successful New Beginnings

Technique for Successful New Beginnings

Every thought, blink of an eye, change in breath, movement, and tear is an opportunity for a new beginning…and hence a new ending. Life is one miraculous dance of new beginnings. By the time you have finished reading this sentence, your body will have generated millions of new cellular beginnings. Starting anew is as natural to us as reading, breathing, blinking, and thinking. But sometimes it feels unnatural or even distressful. But keep in mind that stress (literally meaning change) is inevitable, but distress is optional. The way that we align our mind-body can be the difference. Check out this helpful technique to help you transform a distressful new beginning to a successful and inspirational one in your life:

You will need:
2 empty chairs
Paper, pencil
Open mind
Have you ever heard of the saying that we can give the best advice, but can’t always accept it? Well here’s your chance! All of the answers and strengths for successful new beginnings already lie within. This empty chair technique is invaluable for getting out of our minds and back into our heart & intuition centers. It is truly a catalyst for getting out of our own way and getting on our way.
Grab two chairs and place in a room 3-4 feet apart. Sit in the first chair and connect to any ambivalence, fear, or distress you may notice with the new beginning. Don’t try to change it, just observe it- it is helpful information. Notice where you feel these emotions in your body. Notice the pace and quality (+/-) of your thoughts. Notice the rate and depth of your breath. Ask yourself, “What questions do I have that are not answered? About which am I experiencing any inner conflict?” Write down these questions. Express gratitude for these challenging questions; they are your best teachers.
Next, decide how you want to feel (i.e., trusting, excited, peaceful, etc.). When it feels right, move to the second chair and connect with that desired emotion (“Now I am connected to the ….(i.e., trust) that is already plentiful inside of me”). Notice any changes in your body. Notice any changes in your thoughts. Notice any changes in your breath. Ask yourself, “From this new place of …., how can I experience this new beginning as an opportunity? What is the best that can happen?” Next answer the questions from your first chair from this new place. Write these down. Be patient. Depending how many layers of distress/fear you have around this new beginning, the time for these answers to appear may vary. Express gratitude for these intuitive answers. They were there all along-waiting for you to create the conditions to be received.
Helpful tips for this technique:

  • Grab your tunes! Before starting the technique, find 2 songs-1 song that represents a distressful emotion or how you relate to the new beginning that you would like to change. Next find another song that represents how you would like to feel or experience the new beginning. Play these songs as you sit in each chair. Our entire body is made of sound. Music/sound helps us to connect deeper with our bodies and emotions. Music is the universal language and can access emotional centers subconsciously.
  • Set the stage. Create the ambience for introspection (looking within). Dim the lights, light candles, incorporate smells, whatever helps you hush out the world and give the gifts of reflection and time for yourself.
  • Find a new spot. If you have a particular area of the home where you typically stress or worry, find a new area of the home to try this technique. If you want something different, you gotta do something different.

Sometimes going through a new change requires a more individualized and personal approach. Life Coaching can help.

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