The Power In the Pause

20-minute micro-video series

Welcome to The Power in the Pause Micro-Video Series.

But first.

Some real talk.

As a busy adult myself, I know things can be crazy tough on you sometimes.

You feel like you’ve lost yourself and are just “going through the motions” in your everyday life.

You get worked up over the small stuff you can’t control.

You’re trying to do everything on your unending to-do list at home and at work. You’re continuously searching for the next thing, the next person or the next goal to bring you happiness. 

And it never works. Your heart’s in the right place.

You’re ready to stop needing “reasons” to be happy and instead create true happiness in the moment.

Yet despite your sincere, heartfelt efforts to do “all the things,” you feel unfulfilled and keep smacking up against a wall of self-resistance.

Overwhelm, a deep-seated unhappiness and even crying in secret seems to be the “reward” for putting everyone else first—and settling for your own status quo, as you tell yourself, “This is just the way it is. Buck up.

And if you’re feeling unappreciated, fearful, angry, impatient, and even downright resigned or hopeless…

All I can tell you is that this is normal.

You’re NOT alone. 

And if you stick around, you’ll soon know how to expertly navigate your way through it.

Here’s why I’m hopeful for you.

Despite all the challenges in front of you, you still FOUND this program and had the courage to say, “I’m ready to course correct back to my true self … so I can live an amazing passion-filled life that authentically aligns with my heart and soul.”

This signals three things to me:

1. You truly care about creating the life that you (and your family) deserve.

2. You’re NOT ready to give up on yourself and your dreams.

3. You’re ready to empower yourself with the right tools + techniques to meet the challenges of well… life.

I’m proud to have you in this mini-program. And I can’t wait to reward your perseverance with the tools that will totally TRANSFORM your relationship with yourself, your spouse and your kids. There’s so much more to come. There’s about 20 minutes of video for you to watch.

I’ve kept the videos short and sweet since I know you’re busy.

But this is so, so important to help you start to get back on track.

We will start with the power in your pause.

Module 1: “Silence is Full of the Answers You Seek”

When you find those tiny pockets of time between sending a work email and vacuuming, what do you do? Many of us grab our phones to see who’s posted what on Facebook.

But that often becomes an “empty moment” that doesn’t add value to our lives or one where we feel “less than.” In this video, I’m going to invite you to look at “taking a pause” differently. 

We’re going to stop thinking of a pause as an empty moment where a task isn’t getting done…or a place of fear where we need to face ourselves. 

In fact, there is power and wisdom in your pause. 

This is the place where you start to press reset on your life. The length of the pause isn’t as important as its depth

Module 2: “A Meeting With Your True Self”

Don’t worry, pressing pause doesn’t mean that you’re checking out of your life for an extended retreat. Instead, pausing to ask yourself what, how, and why you are doing things can be exactly what you need in order to restart your forward progress. When you tell yourself you don’t deserve to pause, you get sucked further down into that swirling pit of overwhelm, shame, guilt and hopelessness. You’re back in the “life as usual” that you’re trying to escape. Here, I’m going to gently ask you to shine a light on what your soul requires. This is the time to ask yourself what will make you whole and happy again. 

Module 3: “Creating Space for What Your Soul Requires”

Now, you’ll meet an amazing tool that you can start using TODAY to prioritize what absolutely needs to get done … and what you need to add into your schedule to start resetting your life. You’re going to like this one, because now, you can give yourself permission to do the things that light up your soul: taking walks, working out, starting your side hustle. It’s only when you start making time for these activities that your mindset and worldview will start to shift. If it sounds too easy to be true (“What, do stuff I love and feel happier?”), you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised.

Module 4: “Get Centered in Just a Few Breaths”

Have you ever heard of “alternate nostril breathing”? Yeah, that’s a mouthful, but this favorite technique of mine balances your energy quickly, so you feel calm and clear-headed again. Remember, a lot of unprocessed thoughts, feelings and “things” breed inside your energy. This is an effective technique you can use any time to return to your center point. It’s easy to do and I show you exactly how to do it. In the first video, I walk you step-by-step on how to do the breathing technique. In the second video, we practice together with the addition of a body scan. 

How can I help you? If you have any questions at all, feel free to connect with me here.

Your new life is just a few pauses away.

With So Much Love,