About Crystal

In her 14 years of expertise, she has had the joy of teaching adults + youth from various backgrounds, upbringings, and life stages the skills to transform their lives, regardless of their starting point.

Because of the profound growth her clients experience, she has had the pleasure of also training other practitioners as well as leading seminars for private and non-profit companies.

Her WHY is faith + family and her interests include traveling around the world, hiking, reading about Spiritual Psychology and eating healthy.

My Mission

“My mission is to help you live happily with ease, balance and clarity. It doesn’t matter what upbringing you had or your current stance. The way you're headed isn’t your only option. You have the power to course-correct starting today. Let me show you how.”

My Credentials

"Her love of people, deep compassion derived from her own life experiences and tremendous depth of expertise continues to inspire adults to course correct back to the path they are meant to live."

I went from having trouble learning in school to achieving top 1% of the country for Psychology and Counseling & transformed anxiety and depression in my earlier years into my passion and purpose for empowering others.

And I have embraced the detours of life to become even more grounded in the person life is calling me to be.

I don’t say this to impress you, rather to impress upon you that once you decide, align and do the transformational inner work, everything is possible.

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